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Projected 2014 Team Canada Olympic Roster

Courtesy: Yuri Kadobnov / AFP / Getty Image Files /Postmedia News.

Just days after Sidney Crosby scored the “golden goal” at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, pundits – and wannabe pundits alike – started sharing their predictions for Team Canada’s 2014 Olympic roster.

Every so often, we’d hear another one . . . and then another one.

Predictions, as they say, are for gypsies. Predicting Team Canada’s Olympic hockey roster (and doing it that early)? I’m not even sure a gypsy could do that.

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A little late: Ottawa lands pro soccer team

So, I’m a little late on this one, but Ottawa has officially landed a North American Soccer League franchise, as announced June 18th. This is great news for the city. I have a particular interest in this, and not only because I’m an avid sports fan currently living in Ottawa.

This past year, I did my analytical feature at Carleton University on whether or not Ottawa can support a pro soccer franchise. I spoke to several people about this, including John Pugh, who spearheaded this endeavor. Anyways, for those who are interested, here’s my feature. Note that this was written in November of last year (2010), so it’s likely that some things have changed since then. Just a heads up. Enjoy (or not).

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