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Apparently there’s been a recent uproar about my little Sundin update posted below, and I guess that’s understandable considering I’ve made it abundantly clear that I’m by no means an experienced journalist. I’m working my way up the ranks, and I’m not trying to hide it. I’m not claiming that I’m a Bob McKenzie or Darren Dregger caliber insider, or an Eklund type “trade breaker” with millions of sources in the hockey world, but I’m not simply fabricating any information either.

I’ve received a few emails demanding more information on the person I talked to about Sundin, and I’ll gladly share that (and more), with the hopes of eradicating my label as a “fraud,” how someone so kindly put it.

I inaccurately assumed that this guy didn’t want me to reveal his name, but after I heard about the uproar on my piece, I emailed him again and learned that I was wrong.

Mats Wennerholm is the person I talked to. He’s an experienced and respected reporter for the “Sportbladet” newspaper in Sweden. As previously stated, he’s been dealing with Sundin since Mats played Junior in Sweden, and they’ve developed a pretty good relationship ever since. And he’s the one that interviewed Sundin for “Sportsbladet” after the Sundin to Vancouver rumors emerged.

Once again, as previously stated, don’t take what he said for gospel; he just informed me his personal thoughts on the situation after having talked to Sundin on different occasions during the past several weeks.

If you still don’t believe me, maybe you should email him and ask him yourself. Because as I recently discovered, his email address isn’t very hard to get a hold of.

Farhan Devji
Farhan Devji is an author, journalist, and communications professional based in Ottawa. His work has appeared in the Ottawa Citizen, the Edmonton Journal, the Vancouver Sun, and the Montreal Gazette. Contact him directly at

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  1. Sean Zandberg says:

    Ha! You are so full of yourself and full of dung.
    You provide actual pictures of you with players and I’ll believe this shit that you are shovelling.
    You and Eklund 2.

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