Preppin’ for Edmonton

I’ve been following the World Junior Hockey Championships (WJHC) since I was a kid.

I remember the days when I’d wake up at 4 a.m. to watch Canada play against teams like Kazakhstan. Even though everyone and their dog knew that Canada would win by a landslide, I still couldn’t miss a game. To this day, watching the WJHC is something I look forward to every December.

And yet, I’ve never actually attended a WJHC game, despite living in Vancouver when the tournament was held there in ’06 (was on a trip in Africa at that time), and schooling in Ottawa when the capital hosted the games in ’09 (was back in Vancouver for the bulk of the tournament).

That’s about to change.

Not only will I be attending this year’s tournament, held in Edmonton and Calgary, but I’m going to be covering it as an accredited journalist, too — with the Edmonton Journal. The Journal, a major daily newspaper in Edmonton, was looking for interns to help with their coverage of the tournament.

Unlike many of my peers, I had no intention of applying for any internships or apprenticeships this year. The Charlatan was more than enough for me. But having a shot at covering the WJHC was something I just couldn’t pass up on. So I applied, and thankfully, got the gig.

From my understanding, my responsibilities will include live-blogging games and shooting photos/video of different off-ice fan events, but I’m hopeful other opportunities will arise. Either way, I’m sure it’ll be a blast, and I can’t wait to get started.

Farhan Devji
Farhan Devji is an author, journalist, and communications professional based in Ottawa. His work has appeared in the Ottawa Citizen, the Edmonton Journal, the Vancouver Sun, and the Montreal Gazette. Contact him directly at

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