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For those of you who haven’t had a chance to read my article on Canucks defenceman Chris Tanev, you can check it out on Here are a few more quotes about Tanev I gathered while conducting interviews with the young defenceman and Canucks director of player development Dave Gagner.

“Then we started watching him. He still has the same head for the game, still very involved both offensively and defensively. He plays the full game but now he’s got a bigger package.” – Dave Gagner

“Well, he plays. He’s very sound defensively. He was always a smaller defenceman so he had to learn positioning properly. He always knows how to stay in line with his opponent to the net and he uses his stick very well. And offensively, he joins the rush quickly. He wants to be involved in the rush. He played a lot of inline hockey growing up and in a 4 on 4 game, everybody’s offence and everybody’s defence so I think his hockey sense really developed in that environment. He’s like Christian Ehrhoff in terms of style. I’m not saying he’s Christian Ehrhoff yet but you know what I mean, in terms of style.” – Dave Gagner on Tanev’s style of play.

“That’s totally open right now, to be honest. He’s a little older than some of our other guys in the prospects pool so he’s going to have a really good summer of getting stronger. We’ll see what happens. It’s kind of an open door for him right now. He’s got to just basically make sure that he’s really prepared.” – Dave Gagner on where Tanev might fit in next year and beyond.

“I think it did a little bit because I’ve known him for a while and it’s always nice to have someone on your side who is willing to do a little extra to help you.” – Chris Tanev on how his relationship with Gagner played into his decision to choose Vancouver.

“I’m definitely a puck-moving defenceman. I’m not that physical. I’d love to be as good as Nicklas Lidstrom. He’s like my idol. As far as defencemen go, he’s just the smartest player on the ice. I just think he’s the best player on the ice all the time.” – Chris Tanev on his playing style.

“It definitely helped positionally because I was always the smallest kid so if you’re not in good position, you get taken advantage of. And it also helped with motivation. I just wanted to try prove to everyone who said I couldn’t play that they were wrong.” – Chris Tanev on his size (or lack thereof) at a young age.

“It definitely helped my game a lot. I’d recommend it to a lot of younger kids. It definitely helped develop my skills a lot. It helps you with poise and control with the puck. It’s more of a control game, not just throw it away. So it definitely helped. 100 %.” – Chris Tanev on playing inline hockey growing up.

Also, co-director of sports information at RIT Joe Venniro informed me that Tanev went stretches of 16 and 12 straight games without being on the ice for even strength goals against this season.

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