Mats Froshaug update

I spoke to Canucks director of player development Dave Gagner earlier today for an article I’m working on about one of the team’s newest prospects, but I also asked him about Mats Froshaug. Gagner informed me that Froshaug will be at the prospects development camp in July, and he’ll likely be at the rookie camp in September as well.

According to Gagner, the Canucks sixth round draft pick in 2008 has had some health issues over the past few seasons that have more or less prevented him from playing. However, the doctors haven’t been able to find anything that’s causing the symptoms. Either way, Froshaug has informed Gagner that the symptoms have dissipated so he’ll be reevaluated in Vancouver and then Gagner and co. will see where he stands within the organization.

Farhan Devji
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  1. nuckfan says:

    Interesting. Froshaug has always been a mysterious prospect ever since he was drafted. Even today the vast majority of Canucks fans don't know anything about him. You should write an article about him too and enlighten the rest of us! :D

    Also, who's the "newest prospect" you're writing the article on?

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