Patrick White reacts to trade

I was able to catch up with Patrick White briefly earlier today, after he was traded to the San Jose Sharks along with Daniel Rahimi in exchange for Christian Ehrhoff and Brad Lukowich. Here’s some of his reaction to the trade:

1. Were you surprised when you heard about the move?
White: Yeah I was. I talked to Dave Gagner today before he even knew about it so I was under the impression things were normal. I think it should be good for me and good for Vancouver though.

2. I know the Vancouver fans and media were pretty hard on you over the last few years.
White: I can’t blame anyone for that; that’s the life of hockey. Even when you play good sometimes you don’t get credit.

3. How did you hear the news? Did Gillis call?
White: Yeah, he called but I missed it and so my adviser was the first to let me know. Gillis is tough to get back to; he’s a busy man.

4. Have you talked to Jordan Schroeder at all?
White: No I haven’t. I’ll probably see him tomorrow though.

5. Thanks a lot, Patrick. Good luck next season and in the future with the Sharks organization.
White: Thanks. I will always be a Canucks draft pick.

Farhan Devji
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  1. opiatedsherpa says:

    Good interview. Sounds like White is a good well-rounded kid.

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