Schroeder, White, and Rodin quotes

Here are a few quotes I gathered from the Canucks prospects camp media session yesterday at GM Place that I don’t plan on using in any articles.

Jordan Schroeder:

Thoughts on camp: “It’s tough. It’s hard work, but that’s what it takes to get to the next level. I’ve definitely had a fun time so far, working hard, and meeting some new guys. It’s what I expected. It wasn’t going to be easy. They want to push you and make you a better player and improve your skills so we’re coming in and working hard.”

On the buzz about him being a 1st rounder: “It’s always out there, but I’ve just got to let it slide by and not let that get to me. I’m just like everyone else here, the draft pick is just a number, it’s what you do after that really counts. I just have to work hard and be at my best.”

How much did camp cost? “You’re going to have to ask my dad about that one.”

On his future: “It’s a good chance to see the city here now with the prospects camp. I’ll have some decisions to make when I go back. I’m sure I’ll be back at the University of Minnesota but you never know what happens.”

On being a 1st rounder: “It really hasn’t hit me yet being a first-round selection, but it’s definitely a great honor being drafted in the first round and it’s great to go to a Canadian team as well.”

On trying to emulate after Patrick Kane: “A little bit. I got the chance to room with him at the World Junior tryouts a few years ago. He’s obviously a great player with the success he’s had so he’s definitely a role model for guys like me.”

On his friends in Minnesota: “I think a lot of them are Canucks fans now. They were happy for me.”

On Cody Hodgson: “Oh, yeah. I played against him a couple times at the World Juniors. He’s a great player, great kid; hopefully I’ll get to know him a little bit here soon.”

On areas he needs to improve: “Everything in my game can improve. I definitely want to get faster, quicker, stronger and I definitely need to shoot the puck a little more.”

On using size for motivation: “Definitely. I’ve heard it for a long time that I’m too small, this and that. I want to prove to everyone that it’s not true, I can make it and be an impact player in the NHL someday.”

On why he came to camp: “I definitely wanted to come in and show the organization that I’m very interested coming here. Even though it costs a little bit to my family, I wanted to come in here to see the city and get to know the other prospects so it was definitely worth it.”

Patrick White:

On giving advice to Schroeder and Matson: “We got to talk about it a little bit before we came up. They both had questions about what was ahead for them at camp. I just gave them the straight shot answers, you know it’s hard work but it’s fun at the same time. The Grouse Grind is great because it’s on the last day and once you get to the top you’re pretty much done. I think that’s probably about it for advice, other than that I know they can both handle themselves.”

On Schroeder’s comparison to Patrick Kane: “They’re definitely both smaller sized guys so I can see the comparison there. But I really don’t think that I would compare them in that way. I think [Jordan’s] really unselfish, and I really don’t think that’s the same type of player that Pat Kane is. He really likes to move the puck and sees the ice as good as anyone I know.”

On feedback from Canucks organization: “They’ve been really helpful. They’re doing everything they can to help me improve and get to my final goal, which is obviously to play here someday. They come and watch me and I talk with Dave Gagner all the time. He’s been really good with sending me to the right people that I need to talk to. Just anything that I can do to work harder in warm-ups, or do anything I can that would help me perform at the best level.”

On last season with Minnesota: “We didn’t have the best season that we could have possibly had. Last year was a little bit of a disappointment. All of us guys on the team have been in the weight room all summer, and we look stronger. I think just the team morale is up, so we’re just hoping to make a good run and get to the national tournament next year because that would be very exciting for us.”

On his play the last two seasons: “I’m definitely not disappointed about how it was. It didn’t go as well probably as I had hoped. Everyone sets goals for themselves, guys set high goals, and I didn’t reach my goals. But I definitely made steps from my freshman season to my sophomore season. And even in the second half of my sophomore year, I did very well as opposed to my first half. So if I can string together two halves of a season that are good, I’ll really be looking a lot better.”

On coaching staff at Minnesota: “The coaching staff at Minnesota has been really good with communicating with me a step above anyone else. Not that I needed it more, I just know that one of the assistant coaches there took a lot of pride bringing me into the university. They’re completely honest with me. If I had a bad game, they’d take my aside and show me video clips. I wasn’t performing the way I should have been.”

On the drills at camp: “It’s just good that when you come up here, you can take drills like that back home with you and do them on your own time, because you can really make improvements in those areas by practicing.”

On looking forward to camp: “Yeah, absolutely. This is my second time in Vancouver and it’s what, like the top five nicest city in North America or whatever it is. There’s the waterfront, we can walk down Robson and eat at Earls, Moxies, Joeys, the Cactus Club and all these great places. We don’t have that much free time but it’s a blast all around.”

Anton Rodin:

On what went through his mind when the Canucks drafted him: “A lot of things. It’s a great feeling of a dream coming true.”

On if he knew the Canucks were interested: “Yeah, I had a good talk with them at the combine.”

On the strongest parts of his game: “I think my skating and my stick handling, and shot.”

On areas he needs to improve: “I think my weight is the main thing. And everything really.”

On what player he models his game after: “Zach Parise.”

On prospect of playing in the World Juniors next year: “It would mean a lot. It’s an honor to play for your country. It’s a big tournament with a lot of media. It’s a big thing here in Canada, so it’d be good.”

On why he came to camp: “To see the city, to get to know the organization, to learn.”

On when he might be ready for the NHL: “It’s hard the say. Maybe three years.”

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