Naslund leaves lasting legacy

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had the opportunity to interview Brendan Morrison a few days after Markus Naslund announced his retirement. Here’s the piece I wrote with the content I gathered, which was published over at Inside Hockey earlier today.


Farhan Devji
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  1. Johannes says:

    Nice article about Naslund. I remember him so well. I lived in Örnsköldsvik when i was a kid. As a hockeyfan i always attended the games of MoDo Hockey watching two young players called Markus Naslund and Peter Forsberg making a shot for the A team.

    One of the biggest memories of Naslund is when i followed my friend down to the ice to get some autographs. I thought didnt have any paper or pen and Naslund approached us on the ice, writing a autograph to my friend. This was his last game in Sweden before he would leave for NHL. When he saw that i didnt have any paper or pen, he reached his stick out to me and asked: Do you want my hockey stick?

    I assume that was the way he was. And i still have that hockey stick left. The last one he used in MoDo Hockey.

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