Agent: Lecavalier won’t be traded without approval

I spoke to Vincent Lecavalier’s agent Kent Hughes earlier today just to get an update on all the rumors that continue to swirl around, and here’s what he had to say:

“They have assured us that if they decide they have to trade Vinny, they will notify us and include us in the process. I spoke with [Brian Lawton] less than two weeks ago and he dismissed the rumors. He has told me more than once [that] he would not trade Vinny without consulting with him and getting his approval. We’ll see what develops over the next few weeks.”

Nothing earth shattering, I know. But to me, it really seems as though the tone in this matter is starting to change. Lawton previously stated that he will never trade Lecavalier, but now according to Hughes, he’s saying Lecavalier will be included in the process if the Lightning decide to move the all-star forward. I also find it somewhat interesting that Hughes ended with: “we’ll see what develops over the next few weeks.” Perhaps I’m overanalyzing, but even so, clearly the tone has changed.

Personally, I don’t think Lecavalier will be traded, but I do think it’s a possibility.

I guess time will tell.

Farhan Devji
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