Scott Gomez to Vancouver?

Before I even write anything, let it be known that none of this information is coming from me directly. I tracked down the writer who broke the original rumor (not Eklund), and asked him to elaborate. Pretty much an identical situation to that of the Sundin to Vancouver rumors earlier this summer. I never once stated that Sundin was Vancouver bound, only relayed the sentiments of Dusan Umicevic – the Swedish journalist who broke the story.

Two days ago, Greg Caggiano – writer for Bleacher Report, co-host of NHL 2Day, and host of Rangers Radio – suggested that the Rangers are actively shopping Scott Gomez and Vancouver is the likely destination. However, Caggiano also suggested that one of the Sedin brothers would be headed back to New York, which seemed a little fishy to me. Everyone in Vancouver knows that the Sedins are attached by the hip – I don’t see them ever being split up. So, I contacted Greg Caggiano, and here’s what he had to say:

“I have an inside source with the organization that says the Rangers are actively shopping Scott Gomez and the Canucks long with the Kings and Wild are the three most probable destinations. I was informed that the Rangers would recieve one Sedin in exchange for Gomez and two Sedins if the Rangers included Petr Prucha in the deal. But now, the deal looks to be flat out; Scott Gomez for Ryan Kesler. I’m surprised by this as everyone else and a rumor is a rumor but I’m telling you it’s valid. It may not come to fruition, but something is in the works.

Another thing, I have an online radio show and Rangers’ goaltender Steve Valiquette will be on today. When I was talking to him on the phone the other day, I asked him about the Gomez to Vancouver rumor and he just got very serious and said, ‘If it happens I’ll be heartbroken’ when I was expecting him to just blow it off as crazy.”

How credible is this Greg Caggiano and his source, unfortunately I just don’t know. I guess we’ll find out soon.

That’s all for now.

Farhan Devji
Farhan Devji is an author, journalist, and communications professional based in Ottawa. His work has appeared in the Ottawa Citizen, the Edmonton Journal, the Vancouver Sun, and the Montreal Gazette. Contact him directly at

2 Comments on "Scott Gomez to Vancouver?"

  1. Gavin says:

    I hope to hell it isn’t Kesler

  2. burlivespipe says:

    I’d move Kesler in a Gomez deal in a new york minute. RK is gone once this contract is up, and while his cap space is pretty legit and may be a bargain, I just don’t see much more potential. He’s a very solid 2-way player, but in the best situation — surrounded by a demitra, for example — he’d still only put up 2nd line #s.
    Gomez is in his prime, locked up (which even with the cap hit, isn’t too bad because it was slightly front loaded and we all know the price for #1 centres is like oil, it won’t come down) and can be a dynamic piece to the solution.

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