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Carleton practises a ‘neat atmosphere’ for Kyle Turris

Kyle Turris was among the locked-out NHLers skating at the Carleton Ice House Dec. 18 (Photo: Farhan Devji).

Kyle Turris was all over the ice Tuesday at the Carleton Ice House.

He picked corners effortlessly, batted pucks out of mid-air, and at times skated circles around his opponents – a mix of Carleton Ravens and fellow locked-out NHLers.

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McNally withdraws from Harvard


A report surfaced today that Vancouver Canucks prospect Patrick McNally was one of four players who have been removed from the Harvard Crimson roster.

It has been speculated the players may have been involved in an academic scandal that took place at Harvard over the summer. A number of students in “Government 1310″ allegedly “plagiarized answers or inappropriately collaborated on the class’ final take-home exam,” according to The Harvard Crimson.

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Perspective: NHL and NHLPA are close to a deal

Photo: Canadian Press.

Say what you want about Gary Bettman – and you probably will – but he got at least one thing right today in his fuming rant: the last week has been an emotional rollercoaster, indeed.

Less than 48 hours ago, the concern was whether or not the NHL would play games on Christmas Day, and now it’s whether or not they’ll play games at all this season.

Despite what Bettman will have you believe, it’s hard to imagine a deal not getting done at this point considering how far both sides have come off their original proposals.

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Canucks hiring ‘human performance director’

When Mike Gillis took over as general manager of the Vancouver Canucks, he pledged to “think outside the box” and bring a new philosophy to the organization’s front office.

So far, this philosophy has resulted in the hiring of a sleep doctor, a skills coach (and probably other behind-the-scenes innovations we’re simply not privy to).

Soon, we’ll be able to add a “human performance director” to that list.

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