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Meetings, meetings and more meetings

The last few weeks have been busy ones, as the school year inches closer and closer.

I’ve met with a number of campus officials, just to touch base and ensure everyone understands how the Charlatan operates. For the most part, these meetings were short and sweet, though I spent about 40 minutes with president Roseann Runte. We discussed the Charlatan, of course, but also a number of different issues and initiatives at Carleton. At one point, Runte asked me about the current CUSA council dispute. She seemed really disturbed when I was explained how the issue has escalated over the past weeks.

Personally, I’ve had a blast following the dispute. It has been so much fun that I decided to put together an interactive timeline about it for the Charlatan. Check it out and let me know what you think. This was the first time we’ve ever used Dipity at the Charlatan. It won’t be the last.

Other officials I met with are safety director Allan Burns, communications director Jason Macdonald, and media relations staff Christopher Cline and Caitlin Kealey.