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THF at Burnaby Public Library

Earlier today, I learned that the Burnaby Public Library carries The Hockey Farmer (apparently it has been in for a month now). I’m not sure how this came about, and quite frankly, I don’t really care!

Take out your copy at the BPL, request a copy at your local library, or just buy one for yourself at!

Drop me a line if you’d like to have your copy autographed.

Sundin Update: Sources say Vancouver

Although the general consensus in the hockey world seems to have Sundin choosing the Rangers, I was just informed by a Swedish source close to the Sundin camp that the long-time Maple Leafs captain will likely choose Vancouver.

According to several reports, this decision will go down tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

Sundin Update: Not Time Yet

Contrary to my previous post, I’ve learned that Sundin won’t make a decision this week, and will likely wait until after Christmas to do so.

UPDATE: Note that Christmas is celebrated on the 24th in Sweden. Sundin has arrived in Sweden to spend the holidays with his family. Bob McCown of the Fan 590 is reporting that he has chosen the New York Rangers; however, I’m still hearing that this is not the case. Sundin hasn’t made a decision and likely won’t this week. Stay tuned for updates.

Mats Sundin Update x1000

I just arrived back in Vancouver on Friday, and spoke to a couple of my sources fairly close to the whole Sundin situation and here’s what I gathered from what they told me.

- Sundin listened to the New York Rangers final pitch this weekend, and they basically asked him to play for a lesser amount in exchange for a legitimate shot to win the Cup.
- Mats hasn’t hinted to anyone where he’s going to play, and it’s very likely that he still doesn’t even know.
- Money may be a bigger factor than most of us have been led to believe.
- Mats will weigh out all of his options in the next few days (apparently there are still 6 teams which remain very interested) and his final decision should come some time next week.

Stay tuned.